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About Dean Cowan

I have worked mainly in the public and voluntary sector for all of my working life, usually in the fields of community engagement in the context of housing services, learning and development and mental health. My other interest include ideas relating to the process of consultation and dialogue between government, service providers and service users and the issues and problems thes presnt. I would like to use this blog to explore these issues.
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  1. Dean Cowan says:

    The term ” Consultation” has hardly been off of corporate lips since the 1997 election when New Labour won their landslide victory against the Conservatives promising a new from of government to take us into the next century. This was a highly populist administration obsessovely concerned about what the public thought of them and keen to manipulate popular opinion to their advantage.

    One of their key agendas was the opening up of the public sector to greater scrutiny and the involvement of the the users of their services to involvement by an ever increasing number of ” stakeholders” in the form of the voluntary sector, funders, partners along multi-service lines and lastly the recipients of services who were regulaly invited to help shape service delivery through various consultative platforms.

    As someone periodically involved in this process I would like to use this blog to explore, the processes, ideas and histories behind this pheonmenon, inviting anyone to join in with this conversation. I have not pretentions of being an expert in this field and would invite comments from people from all walks of life who have something to contribute to the discussion.

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